What Does it Take to Be the Best

The Best in the World at Badminton

Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms


The pathway to becoming the best is similar to that of a successful mountaineer climbing up a mountain. The journey will be long and hard. It will require commitment, perseverance and determination.

When a player retires from badminton they will need an exit route too. 



Attitude and Ambition

Ambition is so important and the first part of that ambition is having a dream, many gifted and talented children do not make it.  What separates them is their attitude and ambition, the determination to make it and the ability to take the knocks and injuries and get back up again

The dream goal is something very personal and for some it develops at an early age.  Others have dreams that evolve and grow.  What is important is that there is a dream to drive that ambition in a direction.


To succeed at the highest level requires determination and persistence.  That is why less talented athletes make it and others fail.  Your child may not be the best in their age group now but who will last the course?  For many it will take much longer to achieve that dream goal.

Anthony Clark with 2010 Commonwealth Games medalEx-English International player Anthony Clark:It’s easy to put pressure on yourself at a young age, usually at the cost of a game. I used to do it to myself and it made me lose focus. I remember a low point in my early career where I was so miserable losing a lot I decided to remember the reason why I was there in the first place; to have fun. So basically, I changed my approach and learnt to relax a little, though it’s hard because I was very competitive when I played”. 



Discovering Talent  

For some, the signs of talent are there right from the start.  For others it takes a while to develop and discover the right sport. 

Inspire Me

Many athletes are inspired by others to succeed in sport.  It can be a great motivator and builds inner belief.  The question is what are the characteristics of great athletes that make them better than their competitors?  How did these athletes develop their talent? 

Sarah Milne on court Youth Olympics

“I often research and read about people through time who have left their mark on this world for all different reasons good and bad in an attempt to take an understanding from each individual about ones potential and power.  These icons range from Nelson Mandela to Serena Williams” 

Sarah Milne GB Programme Player, Youth Olympic Games Semi Finalist 2010.